Are you ready to send your device into us?

Here are some helpful hints to make the Shipping process run smoothly!

Shipping Instructions 

Please DO NOT include accessories such as A/C adapters, cases or earphones (unless you’d like us to test these items for you) or original packaging such as boxes or carrying cases.

Take your time when packing up your Device! The last thing that you’ll want to do is incur additional damage on the way to our Repair Center. Here are a few helpful tips that will make your shipment go smoothly and hassle free.

1. Use a big enough box. We recommend that you have at least 3 inch padding space around the entire device. If the box is the same size as your item, it will likely incur damage in transit!

2. DO NOT SEND your item in an envelope as there is not enough protection for the unit! Use appropriate padding! Bubble wrap, foam, or even crumpled newspaper will suffice. Wrap the device neatly and securely. 

Bubble envelopes, card board envelopes and paper envelopes are not sufficient to protect your device from additional damage or loss. We want to avoid all circumstances of shipping issues before they arise!

3. Insure your package for the incoming shipment. If you used our email label service please note that there is a maximum of $100 of insurance to cover this shipment. You may choose to send your device in on your own in the event you want more insurance for your device.

4. Seal the package! Don’t forget to tape the box closed. If the package arrives to us empty, we won’t be able to perform your repair, and the loss claim is lengthy and difficult.

5. Address the box. We have a designated repair department location for you.  Please ship your package to the following address:

Powered by Tech


3500 N. Mesa St Suite E 

El Paso, TX 79902

6. Finally, ship your item to us. Use a reliable carrier (i.e. We use USPS, but you can also choose UPS or FedEx) You should also insure your package for its replacement value, and use a service that you can track so you can view it’s progress into our facility. Powered by Tech takes NO responsibility for the arrival of your unit under these conditions, so please take care in packaging your device on the way into us – it’s never any fun for either party if some simple steps are followed in the beginning. If there is a service failure of any type on its way to us, you will need to contact the carrier and file the appropriate claims and/or grievances, however we will help out in any way we can.

7.  Contact us. Finally, contact us via telephone, email, website chat, or facebook page ( to inform us that you have sent out a package to us. We are excited to further assist you and provide professional repairs on your device. 

**Packages received after 12pm MST will most likely be registered in our system the following business day. Ma

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