Let us show you how Tablet Repair is done right.

Lifetime Warranty

We specialize in quality and certified tablet repairs. Each repair comes with Lifetime Service Warranty. If you ever need the part we repaired replaced again, you only pay for parts. Thats the Powered by Tech promise.

Our Services

Diagnosis & Analysis

A detailed and precise check of your tablet.  This service provides you with complete results of everything your tablet needs fixed, upgraded, and improved for a better overall user experience. 

Screen Replacement

We provide top quality replacement service for all types and models of tablets. Being the upmost important feature of a tablet, we are here to assist you in getting it fixed as fast as possible.  We also understand how important quality is.  That’s why we only provide you the best displays on the market. 

Battery & Charging Issues

Let us inspect and service any random shutdowns, freezing screens, looping screen syndrome, overheating issues, or any other power management issues. 

Liquid Damage Treatment

We specialize in liquid treatment service.  Does not matter what type of liquid, let our technicians treat your tablet as soon as possible.  The faster we can do the treatment the higher the success rate.  Do not try to power on the tablet and please do not put it in rice.  Instead contact us asap!

Advanced Repairs

Our technicians are certified and highly trained with over 10 years and repair even the most delicate of jobs.  We do all types of soldering and micro soldering, chip level work on all electronics, custom builds and repairs, and much more!

Other Repairs

There is no repair that we won’t take the challenge on.  No repair is too big or small for us.  We repair all possible issues on tablets.  Contact us with any questions or possible scenarios on what you need assistance with. 

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Tablet repair

Service fee starting at
$ 59.99 Per tablet
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